Nicky and Michael celebrating something!

Nicky and Michael celebrating something!

Ideal for busy people wanting the best swimming opportunities.

  • Secure a swim slot  

  • Book the right boat and captain for you

  • Handle all the paperwork needed to make your swim official

  • Arrange introductions and accreditation with international swim associations

  • Manage your swim career

"Nicky knows there's a lot more to open water swimming than getting wet. To do the very best swims in the world, you need to plan many years out. She has all the contacts in the world to help me achieve my goals of becoming a Triple Crown holder and completing the Ocean's Seven. Both on the water and on land Nicky is a force to be reckoned with. She can be tough when she needs to and compassionate enough to handle my bipolar mood swings when they're working against me. Nicky's eye for detail and her persistence help me manage things that I find difficult which means that I can focus on my training and executing my swims."

- Michael Teys (English Channel soloist, 2014) -

Fees for this service are quoted on an agreed monthly retainer or other fixed fee basis.