Hi, I'm Nicole Piha, and I provide ocean swim support for open water swimmers. I'm South African born and now proudly a dual citizen of South Africa and Australia and I'm an award winning sports manager. I've had over a decade in the fitness industry and I use my management skills and passion for sport, particularly marathon swimming, to assist swimmers of all abilities to meet their goals.


I've always been pushing people to better themselves. Just out of high school in South Africa I turned Cape Town Virgin Actives fitness Centre around.

Sports fans may have me to thank for their favourite players' skill on the field, as I've trained Super Rugby teams and international rugby and cricket teams as well as other South African sport stars.

Since moving to Australia I've been a big part of the redevelopment of Fitness First as a brand. I managed the Fitness First Club of the Year for three consecutive years (2013 - 2015) and in 2013 my club had the highest growth numbers across the business. In 2016 I won the global Fitness First Award for performance across a three year period.

I have a Diploma in Human Movement, a Certificate in Life Coaching, Personal Training and my Bronze in Swim Coaching.

Things I have done and things i'm doing 

Leading up to the present I have done over a dozen half marathons, completed a 35km coast trek, done several triathlons including Noosa and Mooloolaba, also swam around North Head, Sydney, 10km and done other several coastal swims on the northern beaches of SYDNEY. Also a big part of the Bold and Beautiful Swim group in Manly, where everyone normally finds there love for swimming. I have completed my UTA50 ( 50km Run in the Blue Mountains) and currently training up for Busselton Full Iron Man at the end of this current Year.

I am a strong believer in balance and a holistic approach to Balance in Ones lives.


I have had the privilege of supporting, and officially observing, a number of accomplished open water swimmers across some of the great waterways of the world. For these swimmers I have supplied lead crew support from the boat as well as looking after them in the days and months leading up to their swims. 


English Channel, United Kingdom/France

  • Roger Finch - 2011

  • Cae Tolman - July 2014

  • Julie Isbill - July 2016

  • Chris Low - July 2018

  • Sam Abeshouse - July 2018


Catalina Channel, Southern California, USA

  • Roger Finch - June 2012

  • Julie Isbill - 2017

  • Michael Teys - July 2017


Cook strait Channel, New Zealand

  • Julie Isbill - February 2018


Manhattan Island (MIMS), New York, USA

  • Roger Finch - August 2012

  • Julie Isbill - July 2017

  • Cae Tolman - July 2017

  • Emma Radford - July 2017

  • Michael Teys - September 2018


Robben Island, South Africa - (2010/2011)

  • Roger Finch - multiple

  • Liz Web - multiple

  • Dean Summers - June 2017


Dussen Island, South Africa

  • Roger Finch Feb 2011

  • Dean Summers June 2017


Rottnest Island Channel, Western Australia - (2012-current)

  • Roger Finch

  • Cae Tolman

  • Clair Maguire

  • Sam Judge

  • Sabine Homrighausen

  • Pierre Lord


Iconic South Head Rough Water Swim , NSW Australia - (Bondi to Watson's Bay, Current)

  • Jackson Meaney

  • Sam Judge

  • Clair Maguire

  • Sabine Homrighausen

  • Pierre Lord

  • Lyndal Keith

  • Melissa Pye


Palm Beach to Manly - Northern Beach Iconic Swim  -  26KM 

  • Cae Tolman - 2014

  • Miles Tollman - 2014

  • Ben Hutt - 2014

  • Brendan Maher - June 2017

  • Michael Teys - 2018

  • Dean Summers - 2018