Above: The English Channel as seen from Lulworth in the UK.

The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming is made up of three challenging long distance swims. As of March 2017 only 145 swimmers have completed all three, and only four have done so twice.

Below are some key details for anyone interested in taking on the Triple Crown:


  • Location: Between southern England and northern France.
  • Length: 31km
  • Conditions: Cold water, strong currents, tidal flows and high wind
  • Best time of year: June to September

THE Catalina Channel - West coast of America

  • Location: Between Catalina Island and Main Land America 
  • Length: 33km
  • Conditions: Night swim, wind, sea life, Tidal flow 
  • Best time of year: August to October

20 Bridges New York - Around Manhattan Island 

  • Location: A full loop around Manhattan Island 
  • Length: 42km
  • Conditions: Strong currents, tidal flows, having to keep you pace, limited spaces
  • Best time of year: June to September