Nicky and Cae before Cae's most recent international swim in 2017.

Nicky and Cae before Cae's most recent international swim in 2017.

Ideal for before and during your swim.

  • Accompany you as a crew member on your crossing
  • Assess your swimming ability and align your goals

  • Make you accountable for your training regimen

  • Arrange you and your crew's equipment for your crossing

  • Put you in the right mindset in the lead up to your swim

"Nicky, you provide strategic guidance on swim plans (both through training and the event itself), feeding, and psychological mechanisms. This comes from your working relationships with so many good swimmers and your encyclopaedic understanding of the nature of marathon swimming. When I'm in the water and preparing for my swims you anticipate and pre-empt my needs. Our pep talks when not in the water are also great, because I'm honest with you know what I'm feeling and we can hone in on the issue. You take the worry out of planning and make sure we have everything we need; your systematic, iterative approach to prep means we have everything that we need on the boat. One less thing to worry about. In the Channel, I know you are across every aspect of the swim. As you tell me, my job is to swim not to think, not to rationalise, not to worry. And I know that I can just focus on swimming because you're across everything else. You are my advocate on the boat working with the skipper and crew to understand the situation and communicate what I need to continue."

Cae Tolman - (English Channel soloist, 2014)

Fees for this service are negotiated on a lump sum for your swim window plus expenses.